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The Pillar Academy for Business and Finance is dedicated to providing quality educational programs and services to students in grades nine (9) through twelve (12) who demonstrate an interest in an alternative educational setting emphasizing business and finance skills necessary to enter the corporate environment and/or continue on to studies at a post-secondary institution.

Additionally, the Academy provides its students with an integration of career and academic educational options as well as enabling them to develop new perspectives on the working professional world. The student’s efforts are supported and monitored by certified educators and highly dedicated mentors who participate in quality professional development opportunities and utilize a balance of emerging technology and traditional learning resources.

Academy students engage in an integrated learning experience with emphasis on the core academic areas (e.g., language arts, mathematics, laboratory science, social studies) and business components infused with industry concepts and career awareness.

The Pillar Academy for Business and Finance provides a unique arrangement beneficial to both the student and business community alike. Students are provided opportunities to learn how the business and financial services industry really works and to develop rewarding career paths while partners, by contributing to and participating in the Academy’s education process, help to create a pool of highly talented and trained potential employees.

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